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Our Story: EasyCozyHomey Like many people, the staff behind LANGRIA have struggled to find the right furniture for their home. We've come across spaces with all sorts of styles and setups: unfurnished ones with no furniture to start with, furnished ones with unpleasant and non-matching furniture; we even walked into a postmodern style apartment once, full of bright colors and "forms". Then of course, there was always that one dream designer couch that we window shopped countless times, yet were often astonished by its lavish price tag. With so many things to consider and fantasize about when it comes to decorating your home, who said shopping for furnishings shouldn't be easy? That's why LANGRIA was born: to help you live an easier life. We mix furniture and home goods that are functional, simple, and are made with quality and comfort. Our collections look great together, so you don't have to worry about conflicts in style. We also know that sometimes, less is more, and we also apply this concept to each product we make. We want you to feel a sense of coziness when using any of our products. Create & share moments with the people you care and let LANGRIA help you to build your #EasyCozyHomey place and to look after your home.

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