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Dear Customers,

If you need to buy HIFI components and parts, please click the links as below ( because the operation's policy changed, these components and parts had been moved to the links).

Amplifier Transformer Power, Output, Choke

HIFI Terminals and Connectors

HIFI Capacitors and Resistors

HIFI Potentionmeters and Switches

HIFI Fuses and Sockets

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WVT2016(300x248)1 WVT2032(PSD)-- WVT2103(ZX x)


Power Transformers, Output Transformers, Choke Coils for Tube Amplifier & HIFI Transformers

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Wistao deals


HIFI Connectors & Terminals , Capacitors, Power Adapters & Cord, Bluetooth Module

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It is specialized on small order wholesales and B2C business on aliexpress, this is e-commerce platform of WISTAO TECHNOLOGY which is specialized in Researching and Designing electronic consumer products from customer’s view and industrial trends through marketing researching and survey, especially in HIFI Audio, PC HIFI and Bluetooth Audio products. And the platform support online payments through ESCOW of aliexpress with the credit card or those main on-line payments of your courntry. Also, the e-commerce platform specialized on selling HIFI Bluetooth Acoustics, Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Earphone, HIFI Bluetooth Audio Amplifiers and HIFI Amplifiers including to Tube preamplifiers, Tube Earphone Amplifier, Tube Amplifier,HIFI Large Power Transistors Amplifiers, HIFI Integrated Circuit Amplifiers, HIFI Digital Decoder Tube DAC,HIFI CablePC HIFI and related Accessoriesetc.



If you want to buy quality and cost effective HIFI Components and parts, such as Tube Amplifier Power Transformer, Tube Amplifier Output Transformer, Choke Coil, HIFI Connector and terminals, HIFI Capacitors and Resistors, Bluetooth Module, Power Adaptor and Cord, please click here



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We have a strict Quality Control System, all goods had been tested and inspetion before shipment. Also, we pack all goods well to avoid any damaged during shipment. 


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-- Tube Amplifier Power Transformers

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-- Tube Amplifier Output Transformers

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-- Tube Amplifer Choke Coils

choke coil

-- HIFI Amplifier Power Transformers


-- HIFI Terminals & Connectors

RCA terminals

-- HIFI Capacitors & Resistors


-- Bluetooth Modules


-- Power Adaptors & Cords

power adaptor

-- HIFI Potentionmeter & Switches


-- HIFI Fuses & Sockets

HIFI socket and fuse

HIFI Bluetooth Amplifier