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Peluca de encaje de cabello humano

Eva pelo 360 peluca Frontal de encaje Pre desplumado con pelo de bebé sin pegamento rizado encaje Frontal pelucas de cabello humano para mujeres pelo Remy brasileño

€48,20 - 159,66
€98,37 - 325,83 -51%

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Revisado por Bxxxl (US)
So I love this hair. I think this is quality hair I only have a few problems with it that are a factor to the rating. Pros, this hair is great for someone who wants to get up and go, with water the hair will bounce and flow, it can be bleached and the hair can be straighten so it is versatile, the hair is thick and strong looks healthily feels healthy. Cons, does have normal shedding, the curls have looked as it did when it came some strands don't curl all the way but frizz, still is cute. Knots are not bleached. Plus communication with seller wasn't that great this is the 2nd time I've purchased this hair, I didn't receive a tracking number. They only reach out when they think you have the package and the price raised which is surprising to me because it's still the same hair. Overall I will continue to recommend this hair

I can use water for that hair.

Yes..Water with alittle conditioner in the water.

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Especificaciones del artículo

  • Nombre de la marca: Eva Hair
  • Textura: Rizado
  • Tipo de peluca: Pelucas frontales de encaje 360
  • Grado de los materiales: Pelo Remy
  • Longitud de la peluca: Largo
  • Material: Pelo humano
  • Suitable Dying Colors: All Colors
  • Material de Base: Swiss Lace
  • Artículos por paquete: Sólo 1 pieza
  • Tipo de artículo: Peluca
  • Can Be Permed:
  • Made Method: Half Machine Made & Half Hand Tied
  • Color of Lace: Medio marrón
  • Tipo de cabello humano: Cabello brasileño
  • Cap Size: Average Size
  • 5 Estrellas 83%
  • 4 Estrellas 8%
  • 3 Estrellas 3%
  • 2 Estrellas 2%
  • 1 Estrella 4%
4.6 / 5

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