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Auriculares y cascos

IPUDIS auriculares Bluetooth Cancelación de ruido deporte auriculares inalámbricos gancho de oído con micrófono 100mAh

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Revisado por AxxxK (TR)
Very fast shipment process, items are well packed. Low frequency tones (60Hz-250Hz a.k.a. bass) are way more loud than rest but sub-bass range is just not there. I think the noise cancelling feature is passive, since it's just not there unless I stick the earbud very deep. On Android I can see 3 status of the battery, 100%, 90% and 30% using Baton app. I think 100% means more than half full, 90% means less than half full and 30% means it is dying. It has no range improvement than any other "old" Bluetooth equipment (Not like it was stated otherwise). I hope it does not die on me, I am very skeptic about its longevity. One thing I do not want to forget writing, the charging cable (not offering data transfer) is really good quality, it has the lowest resistance among my other cables. Not like it matters to charge the headset but it matter for me to charge other more juice needing devices. :)

Can you swim with these ?

No you cannot, it's only sweat resistant while running it won't get spoiled by sweat

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detalles del producto

Especificaciones del artículo

  • Nombre de la marca: ipudis
  • Botón de Control:
  • Cancelación de ruido: No
  • Estilo: In-ear
  • Tipo de conexión inalámbrica: Bluetooth
  • Conectores: USB
  • Comunicación: Inalámbrico
  • Principio vocálico: Dinámico
  • Control de volumen:
  • Función: Para teléfono móvil
  • Función: Para videojuegos
  • Función: Auriculares HiFi
  • Función: Deporte
  • Es inalámbrico:
  • Tipo de enchufe: Inalámbrico
  • Con micrófono:
  • Impermeable:
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  • 4 Estrellas 9%
  • 3 Estrellas 1%
  • 2 Estrellas 1%
  • 1 Estrella 2%
4.7 / 5

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