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Crema solar facial

Crema herbal para el acné contra granos, manchas de acné, cicatrices, eliminación de espinillas, crema blanqueadora, belleza, cremas para el cuidado facial, tratamiento para el acné

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I'm on day 3 of using the product.. i waited to leave feedback in case i get break outs from using it. So far so good!! i actually like the feel of it using it on my face. It's very lightweight but yet keeps your face soft and moisturized without being oily. It has a slight tingle or cooling effect when first applying it but does not last long, it smells nice which is good. It's too soon to tell if its working on my problem areas, but so far i am in love with it. No breakouts and i could see some age spots getting just a little lighter. i also had small stitches on my cheek and nose bridge recently, so i will update in a couple of weeks with the result if my scars is less visible. I'm so glad I bought 2 at the same time. i also used it 2x a day, 3 days in a row. As a moisturizer under my foundation in AM and then used it at PM before bed, still no breakouts and my face is getting softer. Yaye!!

Hello does the product work truly??? As I have spend my money on a lot of cream the they did not make any effect on my skin :/

I have acne prone sensitive oily skin, and I love this product within two days I see results after all that hormonal stress that made me breakout like crazy. I would recommend it, I've bought some creams before that doesn't work as fast as this cream. It may worked for me, but it's definitely worth a try plus it's inexpensive 😊

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detalles del producto

Especificaciones del artículo

  • Género: Femenino
  • Ingrediente: Herbal
  • País/Región de Fabricación: China
  • Certificación: GZZZ
  • Número de certificado: G14563258798
  • Peso neto: 30 ml
  • Uso: Cara
  • Característica: Tratamiento del acné
  • Número de modelo: Herbal Acne Cream
  • Tipo de artículo: Crema
  • Product name: OILYOUNG acne cream
  • cream category: Cream
  • Specification type: Normal specification
  • Suitable for skin: Oily and mixed skin
  • Special purpose cosmetics approval numbe: 29-XK-3523
  • NET WT: 30g
Descripción del producto

Crema herbal para el acné contra granos, crema reparadora para eliminar cicatrices, crema blanqueadora, belleza, cremas para el cuidado facial, tratamiento para el acné

Úsalo junto con el aceite esencial, ¡será mejor efecto!36020181014122257190


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4.7 / 5

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