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Camisas casuales

Camisa a cuadros roja y negra para hombre Camisas 2019 nueva primavera verano moda Chemise Homme camisas de vestir para hombre camisa de manga corta los hombres

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Revisado por Sxxxl (US)
I ordered 2 shirts from here (one black one red but at different times) and I love them both. I live in the US so shipping did take time but I consider it to be worth it. I am biologically female with a large chest for my unless I bind, so if I do bind they close and if I don't I leave them open. I did mess up on the sizes however but it is not the shirts themselves that are sized different I personally messed up on the sizes when I ordered them (one was simply a mistake and one I just wasn't thinking straight and ordered my female size rather than male for a mens shirt). I do wear them both frequently and they have not broken or anything. The red one came in perfect condition. The white one does have a small stain near one of the buttons but it is not noticeable unless someone is standing like inches away. I have attached pictures of me wearing both but 2 pictures my face looked weird so I cropped them. I would definantly recommend to a friend and I may get a blue one if I can.
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  • Tipo de camiseta: Camisas informales
  • Longitud de la manga (cm): Corto
  • Material: Poliéster
  • Material: Algodón
  • Tipo de cierre: Pecho único
  • Número de modelo: mens shirts
  • Tipo de tela: Paño
  • Tipo de patrón: Tartán
  • Collar: Cuello vuelto
  • Estilo: Informal
  • Estilo de la manga: Regular
  • Season: Summer,Autumn,Spring
  • Color: Red,Black,Blue,Dark Blue
  • chemise homme: camisa masculina,camisas hombre,mens shirts,men shirt short sleeve
  • red checkered shirt: red checkered shirt,shirt men,men shirt
  • men shirt short sleeve: men shirt short sleeve,plaid shirt men,plaid shirt
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Camisa a cuadros roja y negra para hombre Camisas 2016 nuevo estilo de verano moda camisa de manga corta para hombre los hombres




  • 5 Estrellas 73%
  • 4 Estrellas 12%
  • 3 Estrellas 8%
  • 2 Estrellas 2%
  • 1 Estrella 5%
4.4 / 5

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